Sunday, October 09, 2011

Zannen Dattanna

as salam leadership bitara, MORNING!!!! or PAGI!!!!
huh? what is the meaning of this title? why must the title not in english? how come bha? isn't must be in english? ish3.. like heart me lah.. hehe~ if you read this post, then maybe you know the meaning of 'Zannen Dattanna'. Saa, It's Tasting Time!

Zannen Dattanna, when you are just like a few step to reach your class, but then you realized that, "D****t, i forgot my beg and left it at home!"

Zannen Dattanna, when you want to do your assignment, and the due date is tomorrow morning, and because of your super duper hyper mega giga un-lazyless (da-sya-tun), you were doing it the night before due date, than suddenly due to your powerful greatest luck-less, you 'terformat' your laptop.

Zannen Dattanna, when you are confidentaliaism to take your maths test, and your have prepare all of the apparatus and material needed, and you even teach your mate some maths problem, but when you are sit at the test, you realized that, "Firetruck! My dang calculator! Oh Em Gee!! This is test for EC2!!" Double Trouble.

Zannen Dattanna, when you bring back your laptop from your hometown, and when arrive to your campus JUST to realized that, where is your dang laptop's battery.

Zannen Dattanna, when you fall from your comfort zone, and when your feel like been betrayed by your friend, and like clapping next hand. Haha. Zannen Dattanna, when all you can do is just laugh, smile and smile, laugh.

BUT!! All of the problem and matter are explainable. When you fall, it is to tell you something that you are lack of. And it is not consider as your gonna fail four-ea-ver. But if you were gonna think that way, so you will consume the defeat for the rest of your life. Even if you give up, you have live to spent. Don't stop here, don't start later. Uzumaki Naruto said that, "Give up! On MAKE ME GIVE UP!!!!!"

Well I hope that you know the meaning of 'Zannen Dattanna'. If you don't understand, you can ask me.. hehe.. kay? that's all tasting for today, hope to taste again. Thanks for tasting by.

-El Psy Congroo-

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  1. hUh ?! I'm ready to comment on your post now . . .
    butttt . . . where is my keyboardddd . .
    *Zannen Dattanna*