Sunday, October 02, 2011

That Sate, KONEROU!!!!

As salam u'all... hmm... what is the meaning of this title?? well if you read till the end you know what konerou mean. You do not have to bother yourselves to use that firetruckin' google translate. Saa, it's TASTING TIME!!

Well, around 7.90 p.m. (count that yourself, hehe) on Oct the Second, my friend and I went to Zee tomyam. But~ huh~~ the services tonight is super hyper very interesting un-slowless. Haha, do you understand nakama? I just order Nasi Goreng Biasa. Or in 'google translate' language is ordinary fried rice. Haha. the hell am I typing? Well, that's not it. The food have so many veggies. FYI, i cannot eat so many veggies at a time, due to allergic. :P

Of course I'm just kidding with thee. Hehe, I DON'T LIKE veggies except spinach. (Thanx to Popeye The Sailormoon..... OPSS!!! Sailor Man laa~)

Then, there come that Sate, KONEROU!!!!! ARGH!!!! Toooooo expensive YET!!! buweekkk~~~ i use chemistry term. The kuah kacang solution (aq) is a dilute solution. Cutting steam right laa... and~ the sate itself, AGRH~ luckily, my braces is so strong to handle that sate that have hard characteristic. And it's SHOCKING TIME!!! zero point six zero cent for one stick of sate. (~_~)

I like expensive sate that have such characteristic. (eye-ball looks up, hand to the shoulder). I'd bought 10 sticks, and manage to smack 4 of it. My housemate have ate 2, so, only God knows what happen to other 4 sticks of sate. Huh~ okey minna~ that's all for now, let's stop here before I have more idea to boom that sate. Papai~
-El Psy Congroo-

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