Wednesday, October 19, 2011

It's a Relieved plus Continuous Pain

As salam leadership bitara. Fuuh~ Well, somehow I'd manage to done the media presentation at EC2. Wow~ what a relieved. Hmm? What is media presentation? Like this, you find article about teaching and learning English as a secondary language and present the point in the article. Well, better fine the articles in library and huhu... do not be like me, because I use definition of internet is online LIBRARY. My group present Teaching and Learning English among Children. But OMG!! I have another presentation that must be done. tch~ Name after 3P. Haih~ It will hapen today I afraid, and I hope not. My group is named after the number seven, and last week only three group manage to present. So there are possibility for me to not present this week. MAYBE~ well, I hope not, I hope not, I hope not. And for the record, I not done my lab report yet. Thank you media presentation. Eh, should I say like that? S-should~ Owh and lastly, well, even I am not a best presenter, but it is a shock that my name was in the list for good presenter. I am a deejay? Well, who knows? Okay guys. That's all for today. Smell you later, taste my blog later.
-El Psy Congroo-

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