Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Students, Count of Happy

As salam leadership bitara and MORNING! Now, it's tasting time!

Do you ever wonder what will make us as a student feel happy? Or at least relief for some reason? Here I give you some of situation. Well at least, my situation.

Lab Report. Usually we in the course must send one day after the lab for Laboratory Management and one report, one person. But Oh Emme GEE!!! Due to the lecturer have change, now the lab report can send a week after the lab and guess what, 1 report to 2 people. Alhamdulillah, what a relief.

Lecture/Class. When you are gonna attend the lecture of 2 hours straight, we are feel relief if we have rest in lecturer in about 5 minutes. But what make students feel heaven are when the lecturer confess like this "Okay students, I want to confess to y'll, I think I stop my class here." I like that style~ Sometimes..... But what make the students go high are when the lecturer cancel that class dan-dan. Fuuh~ you can see how proud and happy even shock face in each of the student.

And maybe the other think that make the students a happy type human being in this era is when the quiz that suppose to occur now are cancel. But that is not my style, but I really enjoy my youth with the quiz on the table, with the present of lovely book beside that charming quiz. When we use polymerization, or in the chemistry equation we got:

Quiz (s) + Study Book (s) -> Open book test (g)

Hehe, really enjoy my youth and life as a student in UPSI with that. Okay minna~ I think my post today is still semi-formal. Dang. Smell you guys later, taste my blog later. hehe

-El Psy Congroo-

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