Saturday, October 15, 2011

So slow in term of fast.

As salam leadership bitara goobers~ How are you today? Fine? Okay FINE. What is the meaning of the title? It  is slow and in term of fast. Fuuh~ it is time. No, not masa dah time, but it is TIME itself. Time kah? Well, I have lost my own time. All of my watch have died. How can I catch up with time now?

I cannot believe how fast 5 week in UPSI passing by my life, yet it is so long actually because have past 1 month. It is also like my life spent until now, a total of 20 years have let me go to go on to my life. Sometime I feel like just yesterday I graduate from matriculation, but suddenly I am in front my lappy posting for EC2 now. huh? Time is gold? Why we cannot get rich by that? Can we sell or buy time? Where the time when waste our time? In the recycle bin? What is TIME exactly? Are we catch the time or else? If we catch the time, can we catch up? Where is the time? Time is tricky. Time is playful. Time is naughty. Time is a friend. Trouble is a friend. Time is trouble due to commutative properties (Maths maybe know :p). It is up to us how we handle time. If we not serious enough, we will be fooled by time. We human will be in state of loss if we careless.

p/s: Control the time can control the world. Perhaps. But how to control the world? Time machine perhaps? Use doraemon lah.

-El Psy Congroo-

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