Sunday, October 16, 2011

Pain, Count of Joy.

Iyop~ As salam leadership bitara. Welcome to my blog where all about Soupiano are at here, where you can learn Soupiano or become one. Double you tea hesh am I talking about? forget that. Let ME become Soupiano lah bai~ Soupianonisme. Eh, come on lah, ittai nani ga gonna happen next week? Now, it's tasting time.

OMG, there are gonna be a lot of activity happen in week of 6. And lots of assignment need to be smack to get through week 6 in pain and joy. There are still tons of assignment need to be type, need to be present, need to be check and NEED TO GTTH!!! huh~

When I think about that, I like to scream to death (not mean like i want to suicide, just want to scream out loud) until my throats goes BOOM!!!! But why I must do that super duper hyper un-dis-briliantnessless? That is stupid of me to thinking 'bout that. Because I am not alone. My friends are be with me. Share the same pain, share the same defeat, share the same problem, face the same assignment.

Never give up bai. We have chose this road. We must walk in this road together.
Never give up bai. Because I do not to walk this road if I gonna do it solo.
Never give up bai. Even if you fall down in that road, I will a hand, just hold my hand.
Never give up bai. Even if you have no more tears to drop and your voice not loud to reach the end of the road.
Never give up bai. Is the only thing I can say because we are in the same road.
Never give up bai. Because we share the same right song, the same right moves and we share the same right pain.

Nagato Pain said, 
Those who are not feel the same pain as me, cannot understand what pain I felt

Flow said,
I realize the screaming pain, hearing loud in my brain. But I gonna take a step with this scar

Well I said,
It's to late to surrender AND to early to give in

Okay, that's all for today. Thanks for stopping by my blog and read my syok sindri post. Smell u'all later, taste my blog later. Sore ja~
-El Psy Congroo-

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