Monday, October 31, 2011

It's Shocking Time!

Hi, as salam..
Dear blog, do you why am I shock? I shock because I just realize that I'd leave my blog for too long without update. I am shock that tomorrow I will have test for EC2. Not only that, I also shock that even I not study for test tomorrow. The most shock part is when I remember that I will have not only one test, but TWO! It is shocking right? What?? You not feel shock? Well that a shock. Did you know, I MAYBE have complete my 3P assignment, that's a quite shock there, but shock-ly, we gonna send that at Wednesday. What the hell, why am I gonna shock like this? This is shocking time. I am shock that today is lecture week. I am shock that there are plenty of mid test next 2 week. I am shock that you shock when read my post. I am also shock that you not shock right now. I most probably shock when I do not know what am I shock right now. eh bape kali nk shock daa~
Okay my friend, that's all for today. Shock you all later~ daaa~~
-El Psy Congroo-

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