Saturday, September 24, 2011


iyop~~ yeay~ it's me again. The time for second post is coming. And it will happen now. SAA!!! It's TASTING TIME!!!

Well, according to terms in making the blog, we must post our story everyday. Woa~ that what I heard. Well, am I gonna to post everyday? HAHAHAHA!!!! .................. EN PLUS O. Define 'Everyday Post' in two words. "No Idea".
haaa~~ 4 months holiday is like in blink of eyes, yet, too long for holiday I think. hah!! Even me forgot some of my friends name... BUT not in AT14 members.. eheh~ At home, my tentative program is as below..

wake up, eat, tenet, eat some more, tenet even more, eat never end, tenet non-stop, sleep back-to-back, tertib......??

iyey~ it's very peaceful in my shelter of love and comfort from my family. And now, it's time I leave my comfort zone and move forward to to my real life in UPSI. My road to become a great teacher in future is start here!! UPSI. I will become GTO!!! Great Teacher Opie. Heh~ Malaysia need a teacher like me in future. If I can't be a teacher in future, well that's Malaysia's loss... hehehe~

Okey taster, that's all for today. Woah~ that's some spirit I have for future. I hope my spirit will never fade in future. hehe.. tara turu tiri~

El Psy Congroo

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