Monday, September 19, 2011

Double you tea hesh!!!!

As salam, Hello, hi, yop~
Yes, my name is Ahmad Saufi.
That's right, you can call me Opie.
Of course, Soupiano is also nice.

Wo~ wait the minute, me?? have a blog?? speaking english 'edukeysyen'?
well actually, this blog is appear at this world because of the appearance of English Communication 2 semester 1 2011/2012.. fuhh~haa~~ paint~ well my post will be in english, so please make sure your google translate is ready to go~

p/s: actually, my english level is very 'high' for google translate, because i use opie translate.
p/s/s: sorry for my 'excellent' english.
p/s/s/s: ah~ do not forget to follow... well it's up to you.... but if you are the same group EC2 with me, please follow... hehe

El Psy Congroo


  1. hello Soup, what an interesting name, , first of all,, congratulation ! ! because finally you create your blog successfully.

    I hope you can be one of my follower so that you can give your comments about my entries. Your comments and support are so appreciated . Thank you friends ! : )

  2. haha.. soup 'tulang' sedap lah kowt.. badan kawe cam tulang.. kihkihkih.. c(=

  3. wow.. nice music... I like it.. over la you ni abang.. hahaha

  4. haha.. thank you akak.. together, we overlah in EC2... hehe