Tuesday, December 20, 2011


As salam minna-san. Genki ka? Haha I think you may not understand what am I said just now rite? Hehe. Well, when we look back at the title kawan-kapal, what does it mean? Have you try google translate? Haha well hopefully not. Friendship laa der. I am gonna said about friends. But do not expect much from my post because considering I have some trouble with my English lately. Haih~ Now, it’s tasting time~

What is friendship actually? Hmm~ I take from Wikipedia, friendship mean “a form of interpersonal relationship generally considered being closer than association, although there is a range of degrees of intimacy in both friendships and associations.” [skema sungguh] For me, it’s simple. Friendship is unique. You can be friend with anybody, anything at anytime, anywhere. So it is a lie if you said that you don’t have friend at all. It is sad don’t you think. But let’s focus friend as a person. Friends are people who are you know. The enemies also can call friends, but in the opposite way you see. But wadehell, make friend as much as you can, find a good friend as much as you can and be best friend for all as much as you can also. Okay, that's it bai~ smell you sooooooon~

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  1. Erkk... Your blogs is not bad.But I can read your writting... maybe you can use times romen as your writting. =) TQ